Theres never a fee to submit your organizations information for consideration. He is the shorter haired of, Luigi is a little spitfire. I'm Tuki! Yoshi is an adorable little white pup.%A0 He has an adorable little two tone nose.%A0 He is full of energy.%A0, Rosalina is the runt of the litter and she looks like a mini me of momma Mum.%A0 She is full of character and, Mario is an adorable little tri colored baby. Become familiar with our procedures, view available dogs or contact us . Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. We do set appointments to meet once we start the adoption process so we can match dogs to potential homes. MANY OF WebDachshund Rescue of North America, Inc. (DRNA) is a 501 (c)3 exempt non-profit organization. Search. For a list of scheduled events go to: . Founded as a non-political organization in 1987, SPDR works cooperatively with breeders, animal shelters, breed clubs, and individuals to accomplish SPDRs purpose. MEDIA KIT| Wecould not be open since 1991 without great volunteers who help here at the house and at our events. Find us on She was very pregnant. Go to people's homes to inspect them, and do not leave until you get your paperwork including receipts and the animal'sregistrationpapers when picking up your puppy, bird, cats, etc. WebMeet Adoptable dogs, click names for details,, a Dachshund Dog for adoption, at Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane in Spokane, WA on Petfinder. Dachshund Rescue NW since 1991 and over 2,600 dogs now placed. Is a dachshund and Dotson the same thing? A: No, they are two different things. A dachshund is a type of dog that has short legs and long body. Dotson is the name of an American actor who played in many movies like The Hangover Part III and The Internship. Many of the dogs we get to the rescue are not defective or damaged in any way. This little girl is a 6 year old, 11lb MinPin/Doxy mix with a, Hello! Thanks again for reading and filling in our adoption form so we can start the adoption process. If you have any questions, you can email, or call 816.268.6402. Rescue Me! ADOPT 22050100386 ~ Dachshund Rescue ~ Shoreline, WA Animal no longer available Visit a different page: Washington Dachshund Rescue View other Dachshunds for adoption. . SPDR addresses this need in three ways. Thanks in advance for starting our adoption process if you want to adopt so we can match dogs to the right homes. I am one of the nine puppies who was born at the end of 2022. He is outgoing and friendly like momma. All rights reserved. We work hard to make sure that we take care of all of our dogs here atDachshund Rescue NW. Below: HEADS UP! Charlie is about 8 years old. Wescreen homes better than most families and have years of follow up. Spokane CountyAirway Heights, Washington 99224, We block people who post offensive messages. Thurston County. Thanks in advance for reading below before calling or emailing us on our adoptable dogs. He is 5 years old and weighs 23 pounds. We are not breeders so pups are very rare. * Thanks for nominating us for this award that we won as the Best Animal Rescue in this Spokane area in December of 2018! Look at pictures of Dachshund puppies in Seattle who need a home. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. We do adopt to country homes without fencing when there is enough space for dog zooming. HOME| Dachshund Rescue NW and Dachshund Club of Spokane. She has a sweet, loving personality. This rescue has 3000+ visitors a year when folks find us on Facebook and other social media. Copyright 1999-2017 World Organization. She's guesstimated to be a chiweenie small, Mullah was left in my home by her previous owner a couple years ago and unfortunately I cannot take care of her, HI - I'M HOOLEY! They love to burrow under blankets and would prefer to sleep in their owners bed with them. Located in Pensacola, Florida the great sunshine state. Thanks. Spokane County Airway Heights, Washington 99224 Rescue Me! SPDR finds homes for unwanted dogs from private individuals and local area shelters. Jack Russell Terrier, Dachshund. He came from a horrible hording case and is timid with people. They are not warehoused but a couch based dog rescue. In the U.S., of the 4.6 million cats and dogs entering shelters in 2021, 3.8 million were saved, according to Utah-founded Best Friends Animal Society. He lives with many dogs, but would love to have his own person. Thanks to all our 100+ regular volunteers who help keep our favorite breed out of area animal shelters! See more adoption counts and details on our About Us page. Copyright 2018-2023 Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue; all rights reserved. He is as normal a dog as any other, but he does have a few residual fear issues occasionally. English Cream Doxies are fond of English Cream longhaired WebDachshund Rescue NW has been retraining and adopting homeless wiener dogs near Spokane, Wash. since 1991 and now over 2,000 dogs placed in new homes. WebAdopt Dachshund Dogs in California Filter 1 2 3 4 5 23-04-26-00278 Dachshund mix Atlas is an 8 week old, Male, Dachshund/Terrier mix. Unfortunately, 4/22/23 Roger is a doxy mix about 3 years old. We are a small, couch based dog rescue near Spokane, Wash. and folks need to come here to adopt when we do not meet in parking lots nor do we ship them. Please see our Volunteer page. She is a tiny little girl who loves everyone! Appointments in advance please so no one gets chomped when the dogsare loose and playing. SPDRpromotes responsible dog ownership by educating the public in the selection, care, and training of dogs. Golden Gate Dachshund Rescue. SPDRrefers adopters to available purebred dogs needing new homes. He's, 4/21/23 Drake, Kain, Abby, Jill & Sally are all pups of Beth (also available). We have nothingto hide. Find rescues groups dedicated to other dog breeds in Washington: Big Dog Rescues, Small Come visit our site and see all of our cute and cudly little family memebers and take one home with 2. They are 12 weeks old. This rescue is all volunteer run since we opened on April 11th, 1991. This is a photo of our dog yard and our front yard below in spring when the Flowering Hawthorne is in bloom. Dachshund Rescue NW hasnow placed OVER 2,600homeless wieners as well as mixes and counting since 1991. In case of emergency: please call (503) 313-3220. They are the worst puppy mill we have run across in our 30+ years of rescuing in this area whileselling many breeds of dogs, cats birds, bunnies, horses, farm animals online and meeting folks in parking lots all over this Pacific Northwest region or giving to others to sell for them as well. Sex: Female. They sold mutts as registered dogs as well as sick and unhealthy dogs since 2003 when we ran into them at a horse event. Hearts4Doxies Rescue (near Seattle) CANNOT LIVE IN AN APARTMENT., Copyright 1996 - 2021, Dachshund Rescue NW- Nothing on. HE WAS FOUND WITH TWO PUPPIES UNDER A HIGHWAY BRIDGE. Three of my siblings were, Hi, my name is Patrick. Dachshunds are playful, loyal, and fun dogs. Dachshund Rescue NW and Dachshund Club of Spokane, If the scroller is not loading below you can also go to this link: WebThere are dachshund rescue groups across the USA. Once past the hurdle of her natural shyness with, Daisy was brought to the Madera Shelter with no known owners. He is extremely intelligent, loves to cuddle and is friendly to everyone he, Bonito was rescued from the streets of Mexicali, Mexico by a woman named Rosi when he was sitting outside of a taco, Lexi was found in alley and in box She sleeps with me and enjoy being beside you watching T.V. WebPortland Oregon Rescue | Surrender your Dachshund OREGON DACHSHUND RESCUE, INC. HOME ADOPT SURRENDER VOLUNTEER ABOUT US RESOURCES More VIEW You must live within a three-hour radius of Seattle, WA, (such as Portland, Vancouver B.C., etc. Thanks for stopping by! See our To Adopt page for currently available dogs. To adopt from us if the animals are listed below? Operates in the San Francisco Bay Area and other areas of All rights reserved. Seattle, WA Marco is a petite low-rider poodle mix looking for a human who is down to snuggle, cuddle, and let him burrow his head into them. All rights reserved and copyrighted materials. WebDachshund Rescue NW has been retraining and adopting homeless wiener dogs near Spokane, Wash. since 1991 and now over 2,000 dogs placed in new homes. Or check out the complete list of all Dachshund Rescues in the USA! Dachshunds usually are good family dogs, they are very active and also very playful, they will get along well with the same breed or perhaps, dogs with similar personality trait with themselves. Whichever reason it is you may have that makes you want to add another dog to the family, make sure not to be influenced by emotional decisions. When placed in an environment with the attention they need, these rescues feel more secured and loved. Weadopt two dogs on average every week when we have 100+ volunteers to meet and greet, etc. Atlas is looking for a loving forever home!! She had been reported as a stray. No children under age 8 3. She enjoys the, Amelia (Mia) is a very gentle and well behaved little lady. WebMiniature Puppies for sale from Dog Rescues, Shelters, and Puppy Dog Breeders in Washington. Rescue Me! Specializing in many colors and coats. CONTACT US. They are smart as a whip and know it! Notice: We do not ship dogs out of state. This is a tough post for me to write but I have decided to try and rehome my 16 month old mini dachshund Neekah. 4. The dogs come first at our Wiener Ranch. WebDachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane Spokane, WA view our pets (509) 796-2140 Our Mission Our mission is to take in dogs that We are not breeders so we rarely have any pups here to adopt so we aren't the ones to ask about buying any pups also. More details below about adoption policies when we match dogs to the right homes once our adoption paperwork is filled in. Search cats Washington, District Of Columbia. Please enable it to continue. URGENT: This animal could be euthanized if not adopted soon. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. More details. Weare a licensed dog rescue with the county or animal control and they inspect us also. Some of these rescue Dachshunds have a history of nipping/biting children or have a history of being aggressive with other dogs or cats. How do we adopt? Reba was originally found outside one of, This adorable dude is Polar! We also plan fun wiener events here and folks can see those on our rescue's Facebook page under Events. Once our adoption paperwork is filled in then we contact folks when we answer 500+ emails a day now thanks to the dog rescue. REPORT NOW. If the critter is not as promised, how do you return them to a parking lot when they refuse to mail paperwork later or a usual puppy mill breeder's tricks? Rupert came into rescue 3 years ago completely feral. The dog rescue is at the director's home and folks are always welcome to see what we do here. Before emailing or calling please go to and click the dog names or photos to read how we adopt all our dogs. PUPPY MILL ALERT! All content on 2000-2023 Show-Me Publishing, Inc. SIMBA. Secure fenced yard. Thanks again for reading and filling in our adoption form so we can start the adoption process. But if you want to consider a rescue, here are a few options in for Dachshund rescues in Washington State. Theyre devoted to rescuing any dachshund that has been abandoned or given up, for whatever reason. We get a fair number of incorrect emails and Jamie is not able to contact potential adopters. Our mission is to take in dogs that need more training and place in well screened homes with folks who know the breed or place sweet ones with folks who are new to dachshunds. Age: Puppy. We recommend a local animal shelter, when they often have adoptable dachshunds or send their bratty ones to us for retraining before we place them. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BIO ON THIS DOG BEFORE REQUESTING AN APPLICATION. See a problem? We run the rescue because we adore all dogs especially dachshunds. Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue is a non-profit rescue, referral, and education organization dedicated to placing unwanted purebred dogs into suitable homes, and preventing unwanted purebreds from overloading the shelter system. Click our foster dog's photos by clicking the VIEW OUR PETS button then please READ the dog's bios on each dog before calling or emails us. Do not buy in pet stores either as many are bred by puppy mills too. How to Avoid Puppy Mills Including This One! Please understand that many of these dogs need to be placed in a quiet home without other animals or children, as the case fits. Do you know how bad their place is if law enforcement and AKC close them down? She LOVES attention, walks and being with her people or person! PLEASE FILL OUT ADOPTION APPLICATION AT WWW.GREATPETS.ORG. Once that form is filled in we will be in touch with potential adopters. I'm called Minerva and I'm a spayed female Dachshund/Chihuahua mix born in January 2015. We understand through experience that these dogs should never be left alone or kenneled for more than four hours. Share Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane. They. Puppies are adopted with a refundable spay/neuter deposit (in addition to the adoption fee) and adopters are required to get their puppy to our vet for their pre-scheduled spay-neuter appointments. As she's gotten older, she's gotten more anxious and, Henry is a sweet and mellow, 6 yrs old, male black lab/dachshund mix. She a brown and black Chihuahua with dachshund. We block people who post offensive messages. Copyright 1999-2018 World Organization. We always place our rescued dogs to kids age 8 and up. Our puppy adoption fee includes: spay/neuter at 3-4, Anya is an 8 week old, Female, Dachshund/Terrier mix. Hank. Madisen has started this breeding function at home to produce happy, healthy, and fun-loving puppies for you. That same night, with the, Chloe is an 11-year old, 12 lb Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. Want to help us? Requirements: 1. We speak wiener here and know the breed over 45+ years. All adoptable dogs are spayed or neutered at 6 months of age or older. Set alert. They are known for their devotion and loyalty to their owners. WebOur dachshunds come in a variety of colors, coats, and patterns, including brindle, piebald, dapple, and English Cream. Many questions are already answered online if folks read first. 6. Smidget Rescue is not a shelter, and dogs cannot be seen at the Rescue location. Check out my flerps (paws). I took her on as a foster about 2 years ago. We try to get them in within a week but if overfull sometimes up to two weeks. We rescue these dogs to prevent them from being euthanized by placing them in a quiet and stable environment. When folks come to inspect us they will see that. She is white with a cute black nose. Founded in 1987 as a nonpolitical charitable organization, SPDR works cooperatively with shelters, breed clubs, and individuals to place hundreds of unwanted purebred dogs each year into new homes. He's Dachshund / Chihuahua. To get the lastest on pet adoption and pet care, sign up for the Petfinder newsletter. Copyright 1996 - 2021, Dachshund Rescue NW- Nothing on. Henry would love nothing more than to spend. To place a dog with us? All unauthorized useof any content on this site will be prosecuted. Copyright 1999-2017 World Organization. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. Loves to sleep under the covers and will follow you around the house, even to the bathroom! He's another from our hording case. Adopt Dachshund Dogs in Idaho Filter 23-04-16-00239 Dachshund If interested you MUST fill out an Adoption Application: Read more Ada County, Boise, ID Details / Contact 1 of 3 Chance 23-04-05-00183 Dachshund mix If your home seems like a great fit for the dog you would like to adopt, you must then drive to meet the dog at one of our weekend events or at the fosters home. He tends to bark at strangers coming into the house and alerts when someone is in the driveway. She, Raffi was living a lonely life on the streets and was so scared when he was rescued by Hope For Paws Rescue. Please check "Also post on Facebook" after typing a question or comment. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. Please check "Also post on Facebook" after typing a question or comment. You can avoid many fake animal; rescuers or puppy mills posing as rescuers if you do NOT buy in parking lots which is illegal in many counties in this region. In the U.S., of the 4.6 million cats and dogs entering shelters in 2021, 3.8 million were saved, according to Utah-founded Best Friends Animal Society. 5. Puppy mills ship their dogs so please be aware of that and buy local first when you can inspect their operation and relatives of dogs you are buying. Email Jamie at [emailprotected] or click on the CONTACT link on this page. Charlie ID: No longer available About Charlie Adoption Fee: $50 Dachshund Age: Senior Sex: Male Please like our DRNW page and join the fun. He is a good dog but does mark and pee in the house. They like to chase small animals, birds and balls with great determination. She weighs 11 pounds. Copyright 1996 - 2021, Dachshund Rescue NW- Nothing onthis site may be copied or used without written permissionofthewebmaster,www.dragoonstudios.netAll photos and articles are courtesy of Dragoon Studiosand may not be copied or used without writtenpermission as they are copyrighted materials. NO CHILDREN UNDER 12. We do get a ton of calls and emails so reading first where most of your questions are already answered is appreciated. All rights reserved. Donate MOTHER'S DAY GIFT HELP HER FAVORITE BREED Donate Adopt Dogs in Washington Filter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Australian Cattle Dog Lyric was a rescue dog for us. Please see our To Adopt page on this web site to start the paperwork to adopt whenwe do not adopt just from emails or phone calls. 30, Boris is an 11 month old, 8 pound Doxie / Chi mix, he was one of the siblings rescued after being witnessed being, This little lady is Reba! See a problem? McMillans Dachshunds 2. Once we have an adoption application form filled in then we will email folks back Sorry we do not text. APPLICATIONS CAN BE OBTAINED BY EMAIL ONLY. Three of my siblings were, Hi, my name is Presley. The more the merrier so come and visit and see why we have been rescuing since 1991. Both Jeff and Sarah Schak are suspended from selling AKC registered dogs for five years with very good reason as of July 2016! Web1,015,275 Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! Copyright 1996 - 2021, Dachshund Rescue NW- Nothing onthis site may be copied or used without written permissionofthewebmaster,www.dragoonstudios.netAll photos and articles are courtesy of Dragoon Studiosand may not be copied or used without writtenpermission as they are copyrighted materials. DO NOT fill in the Petfinder form please. URGENT FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED! ABOUT US| When buying in parking lotsyou could be putting money in the hands of major animal abusers and prolific puppy mill breeders like these people below. Adopters are always welcome to visit here once we match dogs to their new homes or when they need us to find their dogs a new home, but we do need appointments in advance so no one is chomped. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. These are convicted criminals if you look up their records for this state and they are constantly breeding animals of all kinds and selling them! 5 year old male Chiweenie, about 9 pounds. Owning a rescuedanimal is, after all, one of the most gratifying things you can do.See daily updates on our Facebook page here: Please check "Also post on Facebook" after typing a question or comment. WebWashington Dachshund Rescue View other Dachshunds for adoption. I am brown and white. Stop buying your animals online so we can get puppy mill breeders like these criminals closed for good! I saw her beat a horse bloody one time when paid to haul them from a horse auction too. Photos by Dragoon Studios on this site of ourdogs. Some knowledge of the breed or mix you want to adopt. She's a year in a half very friendly and loveable loves to cuddle. He will not pee while in his crate but if left unattended he will pee. Please screen and research anyone selling or adopting their dogs (or any animals by going to their home to inspect them. Some are in perfect health; some may have health problems. They love to burrow under blankets and would prefer to sleep in their owners bed with them. All adoptable dogs can be met at adoption events hosted every weekend. Thanks for that. He's housebroken. Roughly 25% of all dogs found in shelters are purebred. Adoption process, This is Peppa Pit! Webnear Prosser, Washington. OREGON DACHSHUND RESCUE, INC. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Sadie is a 9-year-old female Dachshund mix, spayed, and current on her vaccines. Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue SPDR is a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to placing unwanted and abandoned purebred dogs into new homes. MANY OF OUR DOGS HAVE STRICT REQUIREMENTS, 4/21/23 Gloria is roughly 2 years old and weighs between 10-15 pounds. I am one of the nine puppies who was born at the end of 2022. Did you know it is illegal to buy pets in parking lots in most counties in Washington state? Maybe a chi, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BIO ON THIS DOG BEFORE REQUESTING AN APPLICATION. WebFind a shelter/rescue How it works Using our site Adopting a cat Adopting a dog Adopting other pets Pacific Northwest Dachshund Lovers. Our dogs are pre-trained, We have to schedule dogs to come here so email as soon as you might need to place your dogs. How to Avoid Puppy Mills Including This One. The dogs play free here until they are placed in their last homes. If you are a first time visitor, then There isNO paid staff here since April 11, 1991 when we rescued our first dog, a bottle baby we named Hunter. I'm a low and long little hound mix (dachsund beagle best guess?) Dachshund mix. She has started her program long back. Age: Puppy. All dogs are fostered throughout the Puget Sound area and are brought to the events where they can be met by prospective adopters. Be aware younger females rarely come to rescuers or shelters. WebWhy buy a Dachshund puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? We have now placed over 2,700 dogs since we opened in 1991. We are here to help you get ready for your new family member, as and as soon as you're ready to take the big plunge. Erie, Pennsylvania. They require a caring owner that understands their need to have entertainment, exercise and companionship. Visitors who want to adopt are welcome once our adoption waiting list form is filled in then we set up appointments once we match dogs to their new homes. She, 4/23/22 Axel is a sweet boy, about 15 pounds and two years old. If you would like to meet Missy, request an application at GURRSANDPURRS@HOTMAIL.COM. San Bernardino County, San Bernardino, CA, San Bernardino County, San bernardino, CA. He is adorable and rambunctios. WebPortland Dachshund Rescue, Inc offers the following services: DACHSHUND SURRENDERS We accept surrender requests from those looking to re-home their Anya is looking for a loving forever home!! Please see that page on this site. 2. Dachshund Rescues Sorted By State: If you dont see a Dachshund Rescue specifically for your state, check out the bottom section Dachshund Rescues The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old. female small adult mixed. UNFORTUNATELY, ONE OF THEM TESTED POSITIVE FOR DISTEMPER AND, Biscuit is a sweet Doxie mix puppy. None of us receive a paycheck. Rescue Me! Get emails and stuff in writing like guarantees and return policies. Do Not Sell Or Share My Personal Information. Many of our dogs have champion bloodlines. Dachshund, Chihuahua Rescue Dog For Adoption in University Place, Washington 1 to 12 of 29 filtered dog listings. He takes time to warm up to strangers. Wethought folks would like to know. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BEFORE SENDING. Adoption contract and fee applies. [Read About Natural Incontinence Care] Charlie is a sweet guy who LOVES to snuggle on the couch but is also a sucker for any squeaky toy and will chew on the toy until he gets the sqeaker out! SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR RUPERT'S ADOPTION: 1. Health guarantee, vet check, up to date shots and worming. It's hard knowing what to do when you're about to send your dog to arescue. Yelm, Washington 98597. top of page. These little dogs give back ten times the love, if they are properly cared for. View 200+ other breeds for adoption. He also doesn't like to be left alone but does fine if with another dog or ideally just hangs with people! (grand rapids obituaries last 30 days,