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Finding topics for general issues is more difficult than finding topics for a specific subject. If you are looking for general topic ideas for your next presentation, then our next list is for you.

Here we are sharing the updated presentation topics that are of course trending and make the best options to present as part of your school, college project work. 

  1. Life before and after the corona pandemic
  2. India-china border issues. 
  3. 5G technology: What’s next?
  4. What makes a person truly happy in life?
  5. Online data sharing and privacy issues.
  6. Why is honesty the best policy?
  7. Discuss some scientific proof about aliens and UFO things. 
  8. Myths and mysteries behind the Bermuda triangle.
  9. Is a borderless world possible, or just a dream?
  10. Solar energies: When we’ll be serious about it?
  11. The positive and negative impact of driverless cars.
  12. Homeschooling: The Ups and Downs
  13. Why is cricket in India so overrated?
  14. Are the present generation of India aware of Indian culture?
  15. What separates India from the rest of the world?
  16. Make in India: Possibilities and limitations
  17. Are we Indians great at maths?
  18. What is stopping India from becoming the next superpower country?
  19. Why is Elon musk such an inspiration?

5-minute Presentation Topics

The sole purpose of the presentation is to explain your views as simplest, as you could. It’s not recommended to stretch the topics unnecessarily, The longer presentation does not always mean the well-researched one Sometimes it may look stuffed with irrelevant or unstructured information and may bore your audience, too.

So if you want to make your presentation shorter like 5 minutes or less, then the next list is for you. If you’re looking for the topics that answer the particular question directly, then these are the topics that you need. 

  1. What happened to google glass?
  2. Online etiquettes: Rules that every online student need to know
  3. Ethical hacking, what the heck is that?
  4. Possibilities of plastic-free world
  5. What are the upcoming technology trends in the coming years?
  6. How can businesses take advantage of social media?
  7. World Trade Organisation: Something you need to know.
  8. Are video resumes the future of interviewing?
  9. Copyright and trademark policies
  10. What makes developing countries rely so much on China?
  11. A world without humans!!!
  12. What are some dark sides of corporate social responsibilities?
  13. How to keep yourself safe and secure from online spam?
  14. Generic medicines and their future
  15. What’s new in the healthcare industry?
  16. How to make people aware of organ donations?
  17. Distance learning: Are we ready for it?
  18. Why is it advisable to have a pet at home?
  19. Global warming: Why are we not taking it seriously?
  20. The reason behind why most marketing campaigns failed miserably?
  21. Military training programs should be mandatory, why? 
  22. Why do you need to believe in your intuition?
  23. The biggest life lessons that corona taught us. 
  24. Reasons to learn at least one foreign language.
  25. What are the biggest challenges for a healthy workplace environment?
  26. Rights of women against domestic violence
  27. Early morning or late night: A productive work route.
  28. Mobile addiction in children and teens.
  29. What does depression actually look like?
  30. Online gambling: How to stay safe against it?
  31. Is it fair for us to be on MARS?
  32. How to stop wasting time?
  33. What makes you happy in life?
  34. Boss vs Leader
  35. How to stop social media addiction?
  36. Is telemarketing dead?
  37. How to make the Chinese product ban possible?
  38. Arts, commerce, or science?
  39. Gun culture in the United States
  40. Biggest updates from the first quarter of the year.

Current topic for presentation

Knowledge of current affairs is an absolute requirement for any professional studies or jobs, since it proves your ability to stay up-to-date with the latest news. This list is perfect for those who plan to speak on current topics or recent events around the world.

Here you will find some of the trending and latest presentation topics to share your ideas or prepare a case study on. Doing so, you will not only make your presentation refreshing only, but you also present the facts that most have no idea about.

  1. How can Indian vaccination systems be improved?
  2. Israel-Gaza conflict: What’s the history behind it.
  3. The origin of Coronavirus
  4. UK-India Trade deal
  5. End of Internet Explorer
  6. Russia-China Nuclear Power Project
  7. Bill: Anti-Asian hate crimes in the USA
  8. Why didn’t India give an honest stand between Israel and Palestine?
  9. SpaceX’s record 60 Starlink satellites
  10. Possibilities of T20 world cup 2021
  11. Limitations of a present education system that needs to change immediately. 
  12. How to break the Netflix additions? 
  13. Why should the Indian services sector be privatized? 
  14. English school vs Regional language schools. 
  15. What are bitcoin and blockchain? Are they here for a long time? 
  16. Cryptocurrency in India and in the rest of the world. 
  17. What are the chances of the rest of the world banning one country?
  18. The alternative energy resources over petrol and diesel. 
  19. How can social media be used for the best purpose for an individual for business? 
  20. The best approach is to make your employees or partners feel inspired to do their work. 
  21. Pros and cons of the example schools system. 
  22. Ways to make youth take an active interest in politics.

Final thoughts

So these are some of the best general topics for presentation, are certainly is not the usual topics that most of your classmates are preparing on. Due to the new subject and creative aspects, you can make your presentation stand out. Don’t forget a successful presentation is not only about what you present. But also on How you present your ideas? So All the best and Be ready with these interesting presentation topics for your school and college assignments.

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